University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine

At University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine (CU ARM), we’re committed to making the most effective infertility treatments accessible to everyone. We specialize in male and female infertility treatments, including

Support from the University of Colorado helps us put patients’ needs first, which means we look to low-cost solutions before suggesting more expensive and aggressive treatments. As part of our patient-first philosophy, we also educate our patients on all of their available options, so they can select the treatment plans that make the most sense for them.

In addition to offering personalized, affordable treatments options, CU ARM is transparent about our pricing. Struggling with infertility is difficult enough without having to deal with unexpected bills. We publish our IVF costs on our website so our patients know exactly what to expect and how much they need to pay.

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What makes us different?

  • Expertise: Our doctors are double-board certified or eligible for certification in both obstetrics & gynecology as well as reproductive endocrinology and infertility.
  • Dedication: Physicians are present at all consultations and procedures.
  • Comfort: Our clinic environment is designed for patient comfort, located off the main University of Colorado Hospital campus and in the Stapleton area.
  • Knowledge: We are leaders in infertility research and apply our expertise to every patient’s case.
  • Costs: We offer affordable fertility treatments & IVF as well as financing.
  • Support: From initial education to treatment and delivery, being part of the University of Colorado means each patient is part of our family of care.

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