When the art of ART trumps the science: Even though Erin’s lab results showed a not-so-great chance of success with in vitro fertilization (IVF), she and her husband embraced it as their best chance, encouraged by Dr. Polotsky’s hopeful outlook.
Sisters Forge Bond Through Motherhood:  Though Deborah’s forced bed rest during pregnancy was a little trying, her sister Lara’s delivery was downright scary.
Twins After Cancer Treatment: With loving support for each other, Emily and Andy battled cancer and the emotional upset of disappointing infertility treatments to hang on to hope.

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Dr. Karlotta Davis

Not Your Mother's Kegel

By Dr. Karlotta Davis

Technology is modernizing your pelvic floor workout. Monitoring devices and apps upgrade kegeling.

Dr. Jaime Arruda

Is Your Surgeon Good Enough for You?

By Dr. Jaime Arruda

Going under the knife is a big decision. Almost as important is selecting the best surgeon, which can be challenging. Ask these questions first.

Dr. Shona Murray

Ovarian Reserve Testing

By Dr. Shona Murray

While all women have decreasing fertility as they age, the extent varies from woman to woman. Fertility potential can be evaluated with various tests.

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5280 Magazine

Safer, More Effective Birth Control

CU's Family Planning is working on a completely new form of birth control pill that is safer, more effective and carries fewer side effects — particularly for heavier women.

Top Fertility Doctors

Dr. Shona Murry & Dr. Alex Polotsky were named as top reproductive endocrinologists at Advanced Reproductive Medicine in Colorado Springs.

U.S. Health News

Why You Might Not Need a Hysterectomy

New research suggests alternatives to hysterectomies – a common treatment procedure for many women – are underutilized.