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Dr. Tyler Muffly

Fecal Incontinence Treated with InterStim®

By Dr. Tyler Muffly

InterStim Therapy minimizes the symptoms of bowel incontinence, including the leakage of liquid or solid stools.

Dr. Sonya Erickson

Exercise During Pregnancy

By Dr. Sonya Erickson

Many forms of exercise are acceptable throughout pregnancy. However, you may need to make some adjustments to your routine – including some changes that are not so obvious.

Dr. Ruben Alvero

How Bicycling Affects Male Fertility

By Dr. Ruben Alvero

Bicycling is a very popular sport in Colorado, but it can cause problems for men whose partners are trying to achieve pregnancy.

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Parenting Magazine

Cholesterol & Fertility: Balancing Hormones & Health

Dr. Lauren Roth discusses how cholesterol aids production of hormones that affect fertility, important for both men and women.

University of Colorado

Morning After Pill Not Effective for Overweight Women

With Plan B coming under scrutiny about its ineffectiveness for overweight women, Dr. Teal encourages women to use the more effective but lesser-known ulipristal acetate for emergency contraception.

University of Colorado

Unnecessary Tests Driving Up Healthcare Costs for Women

Dr. Polotsky, a CU fertility specialist, discusses the unnecessary surveillance of heart disease in women with PCOS causing an increase in healthcare costs.