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Dr. Shona Murray

Environmental Toxins & Fertility

By Dr. Shona Murray

Environmental toxins are all around us: in the water, air, soil, products and our food. We are exposed to toxins to a variable extent, affecting fertility in both men and women.

Dr. Jaime Arruda

Facebook Bragging About Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

By Dr. Jaime Arruda

Everyone gains and loses weight differently during and after pregnancy; it’s not a competition as to how quickly you can lose your postpartum weight.

CU Urogynecology

Access Your Medical Records Online, Anytime

By CU Urogynecology

We believe that great healthcare is rooted in patient education and active participation in medical decision-making. All patient records are accessible online, at anytime.

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The Rachel Maddow Show

Dr. Stephanie Teal Talks IUDs With Rachel Maddow

Dr. Stephanie Teal spreads the word about IUDs and their comeback as an effective contraception for young women on The Rachel Maddow Show – turning the birth control paradigm on it's head.

Unexplained Infertility

University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine worked four years on an NIH study to determine the best treatment for an estimated 30 percent of infertility patients.

CBS Denver

New, Safer Birth Control Pill For Larger Women

University of Colorado Family Planning is working on a completely new form of birth control pill that is safer, more effective and carries fewer side effects — particularly for heavier women.